How big is the Circus Big Top tent?

48m round.

How big is the Circus Big Top stage?

10m by 10m.

Can I use fire?


How much space can I use for the installation?

If we think your idea is suitable, we will endeavour to give you the space needed.

Should I include a CV?

No, please include a link to an online CV if you want to.

Is there a limit to the amount of performers/ crew that I can bring with me?

We are limited in the amount of tickets we can allocate to these commissions, so company sizes must be within reason.

What should my budget include?

If relevant then please remember to include amounts for travel, space hire before the festival, equipment purchase or hire, costumes, paying your crew and performers for the development time, and, separately, for their time at the festival.

What will the festival provide?

We can provide basic site infrastructure such as power, heras fencing, lighting, stewards, scaffolding, etc., rigging expertise, support with production, lighting, etc and we will provide more specific requirements if at all possible. Just let us know what you need help with.

Do I need to have insurance?

Each performer should have personal public liability insurance to perform at the festival but, if you don’t, then we may be able to provide cover.

I already have funding to create a show, can I apply for match funding?

If this is the case then please tell us who the match funding that you have is from, and for how much.

Are the commissions only open to UK artists?

The lead applicant must be a UK resident.

I applied last year, should I apply again?

Yes, you can apply again, as we do not consider previous years application for this year.

What is the legal identity of Glastonbury Arts Commissions?

Glastonbury Arts Commissions is the Project Name used for any commissions  run by the Theatre & Circus Area of Glastonbury Festival Events Limited.